Wildflowers for Native Pollinators

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Wildflower Seed Bombs for native pollinators Seed bombs contain specially selected species of Australia’s boldest, brightest and most fragrant flowers from kangaroo paws to the Swan river daisy, billy buttons, pink everlasting daisies and the most eye catching blue lace flowers. They work well in open gardens or in pots, perfect for any sized garden providing much needed food and protection native bees and butterflies. Each Box will cover approx. 3 sq. meters in time or fill out a large pot densely.

No gardening tools required, simply throw and grow! 100% Australian Made in our Wonthaggi workshop. Contains a mix of throw and grow seed bombs and Hot water treatment seed in a specially designed biodegradable germination bag with full instruction leaflet. We use a mix of annual and perennial species so you have an explosion of colours for years to come.

Full sun / Part shade

Light frost tolerant

Tolerant of dry spells once established

Ground cover seedbombs | low bush heat treat bag

0.5- 1.0 meter spacing

Works well in pots

Species list: Golden Cluster Everlasting (Rhodanthe humboldtiana), Swan River Daisy (Brachyscome iberidifolia),  Pink & White Everlasting Daisy (Rhodanthe chlorocephala), coloured mix Dwarf Strawflower (Xerochrysum bracteatum), Billy Buttons (Craspedia globosa), Red & Yellow Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos flavidus), Blue Lace Flower (Trachymene coerulea), Native Wisteria (Hardenbergia comptoniana), Coral Creeper (Kennedia coccinea), Ashburton Pea (Swainsona maccullochiana). Seedbombs can include other natives species when in season/available

36 reviews for Wildflowers for Native Pollinators

  1. Maltilda Bao

    I love the design and the box is beautiful. What a great idea, making gardening easy. Everyone should be encouraged to plant more natives.

  2. Aaron Osbourne

    I was given these as a present. I have a large garden and I have never seen anything like these seedballs before. We had an area in our front yard that I didn’t know what to do with. So we put these balls in the garden bed. The lace flowers are beautiful and I am very happy with them. My only suggestion would be to have them in garden centers so we can see them before purchase. probably not possible with lockdown at the moment anyhow.

  3. Fiona

    Very helpful staff and great products. Fast delivery

  4. Petra Hillman

    Its hard to find a high quality mix of native flowers and then I came across this website. They have a lot of really interesting products and this pollinator seedball was the right mix of colour and varieties for a space in the side of my driveway. They are just starting to sprout.

  5. Jodi Williams

    Lovely packaging

  6. Jan .

    Delivery was a little slow..

  7. sally butler

    Perfectly packaged. Arrived really quickly! Can’t wait to plant them and see them bloom!

  8. Margaret KENNING

    Waiting for the heavy rain to stop so I can get our and Garden without getting bogged.

  9. Susan Campbell

  10. Dawson Bella

    Fantastic idea, great packaging just throw and forget! I can’t wait to see the result.

  11. Sylvia Silverman

    Each box contained 2 seed bombs and I have been unsure whether to use the hot water treatment or not. I will try them shortly. I did send an email asking for clarification but have not received a reply

  12. Michael Auty

    Happy little packets, distributed, awaiting late spring results!

  13. Maureen Ware

  14. Anne

  15. Stewart C.

    Nice packaging. Some germination and I followed all the instruction s carefully.

  16. Marg Lehmann

    Thank you so much. They are growing. Very happy. Thanks f heaps.

  17. Janice Mulleneux

    Sadly, I’ve not had any success with the seed balls. Not sure whether the rain could have killed the seedlings. Initially, the little seedlings appeared but then died out. Not sure what I’ve done wrong. I’ll try again when it gets a bit warmer and hopefully a little drier.

  18. Parker B.

    very happy and I will be recommending to friends and family

  19. Kerrie

    Excitedly purchased with dreams of blue lace flowers and Billy Buttons. Dug the bed and soaked the seeds. Positioned the bombs in the soil. Came back a few hours later and the bed had been dug over by our dog. Seed bombs gone! Still have hopes of soaked seeds.

  20. Helen .

    I bought these sets for myself and I am thrilled to bits.
    But to give them as a gift to a friend would be such a lovely thing to do.
    Because they are so beautifully packaged and the contents are very special.
    I think that they are just perfect.
    Thank You so very much, Helen 🐦

  21. Luisa

    Smooth and speedy process and delivery.

  22. Hugh B.

  23. Anonymous

    Great! Loved the little additional packet of seeds that came with it!

  24. Margery Smith

  25. Adrienne Isnard

    I bought some for me and loved them so much I bought some more for family and friends for xmas

  26. Adrienne Isnard

    Love them so much bought more for family and friends. I have native bees. They will love

  27. Anonymous

  28. Anonymous

    Have used to seed pods as yet no seedlings

  29. Tanaer Cahill

  30. Maree Mckenzie

  31. Kylie .

    Environmental friendly packaging.
    lovely presentation
    Easy to follow instructions

  32. Mira

    So wonderful that this product exists! Living in a rental property and working on seeding through wildflowers in an existing lawn. Melbourne has had some unfortunate weather and the birds have been getting to some of the seedlings but finally have some seedlings coming up. Looking forward to seeing them grow.

  33. Martin L.

    Seed bomb pack arrived a couple of days after ordering. Well done!
    Seedlings emerged a fortnight or so after I sat each bomb atop potting mix in separate pots, and now the little seedlings are thriving. Sowed also the seeds included in the accompanying seed pack, and those seeds are just beginning to germinate too. Exciting to watch! A great gift idea that, with a little care and attention, will keep on giving.

  34. Ann burrett

    Early days yet. Hoping to see them popping up

  35. Allan King

  36. Hayley


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